Different Will structures suit different family wealth structures. The type of Will that will be recommended will depend upon what assets will flow into the estate and what the Will maker is trying to achieve (eg: Asset protection, tax minimisation).


We prepare wills with a view to protect assets in accordance with your instructions but also in a way as to reduce any possible future claims against an Estate.


Pearce Webster Dugdales provides Estate Planning and Probate services for both existing and new clients including:-

  • Preparing and reviewing Wills to reflect a Will maker’s instructions.
  • Preparing and reviewing testamentary Trusts.
  • Preparing and reviewing Powers of Attorney.
  • Preparing and reviewing Medical Treatment Decision Maker documents.
  • Preparing Disability Trusts
  • Reviewing business and trust structures and reviewing any Deeds that are in place.
  • Reviewing your superannuation Binding Death Nominations.


We recommend that everyone should regularly review all existing estate planning documents just like a health check:

  • Every two to three years or if your financial circumstances should change;
  • If a nominated beneficiary dies;
  • If a nominated Executor dies or become unfit to act due to failing health;
  • If you separate from your partner or re-marry or
  • If you have any queries or concerns about your current Will.