The Family Law Act provides as a starting point that each party pays for their own legal fees.


In some circumstances, a Court may be prepared to make an Order for costs against the other party but as a general rule, unless there are exceptional circumstances, even if you obtain a Costs Order against the other party it would generally only cover between 40% – 60% of your own Solicitor/Client costs.


In appropriate cases, it is possible to obtain an Order from a Court that payment of funds be paid to you out of available assets so that you can adequately fund the running of your family law case.


In some cases where there are limited liquid funds but substantial other assets that cannot readily be sold, you may be able to obtain finance through firms specialising providing loans to family law clients which are secured against assets with the loan repaid at the conclusion of proceedings.


We are able to provide you with more information in relation to costs and funding options at any time.