Our Estate litigation lawyers are well able to provide specialist advice in Wills and Estates disputes, contests and challenges dealing with all aspects of Probate, Wills, and Estates together with related litigation.

The Victorian Courts have jurisdiction to determine these matters and our lawyers are skilled in providing advice to executors/administrators, beneficiaries or other persons affected by a Will.


The death of a family member, spouse or partner is one of the most distressing events of our lives. If you are left out of their estate this only adds to this distress.

In Victoria an estate can be challenged by an eligible person and the court has numerous factors that it will take into account when an estate is challenged.

Can I contest a Will if I am an estranged child ?

Are you a child who has had a temporary or permanent falling out with your mother or father?  Has your mother or father provided for your siblings and left you out of their Will?

We can help you make a claim against a parent’s estate as your relationship with the parent who has passed away is only one issue that the court considers.

Can I contest a Will if I was in a relationship with the deceased but not married ?

Are you a former partner of the deceased and you have not been provided for in their estate?

We can provide advice about whether you are eligible to make a claim against a former partner’s estate as there are various factors that the court must take into account concerning your relationship with the deceased.

Contact our estate litigation team to discuss your options about challenging an estate.